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Our Mission.

Some people say we are a family business with a mission.  We say we are a family mission with a business.  Either way, our vision is clear!

  • Create high quality fashion products for women.

  • Provide awesome customer service.

  • Use proceeds to support amazing causes that are having a positive impact throughout our world!

When you make any purchase at Share The Love Today you will help to support one of our Compassion Partners.  (You can choose which Compassion Partner while checking out.)

Each of our Compassion Partners have impacted our hearts and our family story.  

Feeding Children In Costa Rica - This has become a personal mission for our family and has changed our lives.

This is a personal mission field that God called our family to in the small village of LaCruz, Costa Rica.  We have partnered with a local church there who has a heart to feed, shelter and love orphaned and refugee children.  As a family we visit this mission partner throughout the year and cherish our moments meeting and serving the local residents.  Our love for them grows every day and the donations are having a positive impact on the lives of sweet young children.  Read more here....


Feeding Children In America - No Child Should Go Hungry....Especially Not In Our Own Backyards!

In the land of plenty, millions of boys and girls are going to bed hungry. More than 17 million households face not having enough food for everyone in the family. Together, we can feed hungry children and change this grim statistic. We can reach families in need across America with food and other essentials that offer hope for a better future.  We support a wonderful organization who provides food and other necessities to hungry children and their families right here in America.  Learn more here...


Ronald McDonald House - An Amazing Home For Families Facing Serious Medical Challenges Away From Home

When our youngest son Wyatt Steven was born with a severe heart defect (Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome) we stayed/lived in 2 different Ronald McDonald Houses for more 2 months.  One was in Michigan and the other in South Carolina.  The love and compassion that this wonderful organization provided overwhelming.  The Ronald McDonald House provides families who are hundreds of miles away from home with housing, food and compassion.  I honestly don't know how we would have made it through those days with out the assistance from the Ronald McDonald House.  We are now so thankful that we have the opportunity to help support the cause who lovingly supported our family in a moment of crisis.  (Please, when you see that change tray outside the drive through window at every McDonald's restaurant, please toss in some change.  It all ads up and your donation goes to an amazing, compassionate and worthy cause!

Make-A-Wish Foundation - Providing trips, vacations and "bucket list" moments for children with terminal illness.

There are no words to adequately describe the gifts that Make-A-Wish provides to children who are facing terminal illnesses.  We experienced first hand the overwhelming compassion and professionalism of this great charity.  Their attention to detail is inspiring and uplifting.  Many of the children they support will not have long lives but they can have full lives Make-A-Wish does an amazing job of giving these brave children and families moments to cherish.  After being a recipient of a Make-A-Wish gift we are so thankful and blessed to be able to support this charity who gave Wyatt the trip of a lifetime!  Learn more here...

Red Cross - Hurricane Disaster Relief

As we all know, 2017 was a devastating year for thousands of people in Texas, Florida and all throughout the Caribbean.  As we watched the storms strike and the aftermath unfold we were heart broken and knew we needed to do something.  We quickly decided to add the Red Cross to our list of Compassion Partners so together with our our customers, we could help those affected.  

National Breast Cancer Center - Creating Awareness and Searching for a Cure

The statistics for breast cancer are shocking.  As of 2017, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives.  1 in 8!  Many of the diagnosis come only after symptoms are detected which can be too late.  The Compassion Partner we support helps to create awareness in the less fortunate communities.  Their goal is to educate women about getting annual check ups to stay in front of this disease.  Early detection is one of the most powerful ways to fight breast cancer and we are proud to help support an organization that helps make this possible for so many women.

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