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Feeding Children - Costa Rica

This is a personal mission field that God called our family to in the small village of LaCruz, Costa Rica.  We have partnered with a local church there who has a heart to feed, shelter and love orphaned and refugee children.  As a family we visit this mission partner throughout the year and cherish our moments meeting and serving the local residents.  Our love for them grows every day and the donations are having a positive impact on the lives of sweet young children. 

Feeding Event  

How the Costa Rica mission began:

As we were in the process of designing, testing and prototyping our one of a kind yoga mat flip flops, God sent us to Costa Rica.  It began as a discovery trip for our church and I was blessed enough to be a part of the Discovery Team.  

While in Costa Rica our team met with several local pastors to better understand the culture in Costa Rica and to better understand the needs of the churches and people in their villages.  Our home church was seeking to establish a relationship and partnership in the region and I was on the discovery team, representing our church....or so I THOUGHT!

One common statement that every pastor made was "the children here are hungry".  Every church that we met with offered some type of children's feeding program with the limited resources they had.  The needs are so big but their budgets are so small.  Every bit of food helps but at the end of the day, children are still hungry.  Our hearts were broken and our souls cried out for mercy and justice!

After we arrived back home from the trip God spoke and said:

"Help feed my children.  It's why I sent you!"

When God spoke we listened and quickly created a partnership with a church along the Costa Rica/Nicaraguan border in LaCruz, Costa Rica.  Praise God, we are now helping to feed His children right where He sent us.

Feeding Event  Bags of food

As Share The Love Today continues to grow so do the number of meals being served.  Soon, we hope to finance the building of a new and larger kitchen that will make it possible to feed even more people in the community and together we can accomplish this goal!  


None of us can help everyone.....but all of us can help someone and together we can make a difference in the lives of others!!!

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