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Foot Huggers Yoga Mat Flip Flops for Women - Leave An Impression

Foot Huggers Yoga Mat Flip Flops for Women - Leave An Impression

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The MOST COMFORTABLE flip flops in the world! 

For our new style of foot huggers yoga mat flip flops, we've really dialed in the comfort level by incorporating additional arch support for a premium, orthotic fit.

Just like the our initial flip flops, these are the flip flops your feet have been longing for!  We've modified the foot pad of these flip flops to increase the form fitting and foot snuggling that our one-of-a-kind flip flops are known for.  

Like our originals, the straps are made with genuine leather and surface is made with yoga mats. 

We've continued to keep our signature heart on the outsole so that you can leave an impression every where you go - whether in the sand or by contributing to our mission, which is to help support families impacted by congenital heart defects (CHDs) and raise awareness for CHDs (that's why we have the heart on the bottom!)

Come for the world's most comfortable flip flops, stay for the cause!


Size Chart: 

Note: Our flip flops tend to run a little small, so if you are a 6.5, it might not be a bad idea to go with a medium.

Small - Ladies 5/6 (sole measures 9.75" from heel to toe - Width 3.75")

Medium - Ladies 7/8  (sole measures 10.25" from heel to - Width 3.875")

Large - Ladies 9/10  (sole measures 11.0" from heel to toe - Width 4")

XL - Ladies 11/12 (sole measures 11.375 from heel to toe - Width 4.125")

Customer Reviews

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Janice A. Smith

Foot Huggers Yoga Mat Flip Flops for Women - Leave An Impression

Grandma Joan
Love my new flip flops.

Love these flip flops. I have been advised to not wear flip flops on my bad feet but these are so comfortable. I only wear them out to dinner or playing bingo. They are fine if I’m sitting most of the time. I’m glad, too, that I am giving to a good cause while looking good myself.

Emily Federspiel
Great for My Crummy Feet

I ordered the Foot Huggers. Wow! Such a difference from my old, flat flip flops. I suffer with plantar fasciitis, and I thought flip flops might no longer be an option for me. But the added arch support provided by the Foot Huggers means flip flops can remain a part of my warm weather life!!!

Alice M.
Repeat buyer

Because of price, I keep saying I won't buy more but I end up coming back anyway because they are so comfortable.

Carolyn Hollis
Superb shoes!

I wore these huggers when I went to Israel! They were certainly put to the test. There were large slippery stones and water to walk through. They supported my feet and I had absolutely no problem. I walked about 50 miles in two weeks. I even have a picture of these shoes as I walked the stones of Israel! :)

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