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Share The Love Today - Epic Feeding Night In May 2016 - Tears, Smiles and Inspiration

epic feeding night feeding hungry children mission trip to Costa Rica socially conscious business

We just returned from an amazing trip to LaCruz, Costa Rica and I have to thank all of our customers from the bottom of my heart.  None of this would be possible without your loyal support and I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of this mission!

After a 12 hour day of traveling through airports, our team landed in Liberia, Costa Rica and hopped on a bus for the final 2 hour push.  When we arrived at Iglesia Biblica (The church we have partnered with to distribute food) we met with Pastor Gerardo and some his staff to discuss the week's plans.  Then, we hit the sack.....exhausted from a 14 hour day of travel.

Day 1 in LaCruz - We woke up bright and early and hit the streets with bags of food and other hygiene items.  We delivered them to families that Pastor Gerardo and his staff identified as "in need".  It was awesome to integrate with the local culture.  Many people invited us into their homes so we could meet their families and pray with them.  The Costa Rican culture is so loving and welcoming and they made us feel right at home.  As we left each home we invited them to the "EPIC FEEDING NIGHT" that would take place on Wednesday.  We used delivering food as a way to stir up the neighborhoods and invite people to the big event on Wednesday.  


Walking through the streets of LaCruz was tough.  The things we saw were heart breaking.  50% of the residents are refugees from Nicaragua.  While the people were amazing, the conditions were poor.  Homes were made from just about anything they could find.  Most had no power or running water.  All of the homes had dirt floors.  Most families consisted of a mother and 5-7 children.  In LaCruz, many of the fathers have left.  We met a little boy who was in tears because his dad had been missing for several weeks and the family had no idea where he was.  The Pastor told us chances are that he was either dead, arrested and imprisoned or had simply took off on his family.  The odds are high that they will never see him again and that scenario was repeated over and over. 

The day was filled with smiles, hugs, tears and joy.  It was a humbling day that I will never forget.  Who am I to have so much living here in America, when others around the world have so little?  I was crushed and yet also thankful that we could give some basic necessities to the people who desperately needed them.  We saw God at work in every step we took and it inspired us to keep going because the BIG NIGHT was just a couple days away.

Day 2 In LaCruz - We went to the local school and met lots of children.  We played games, colored, face painted and made bracelets.  They taught us some Spanish and we taught them some English.  Its amazing how you can develop friendships when you can even speak the same language.  We invited all of the children to the EPIC FEEDING NIGHT and asked them to bring all of their family and friends too.  We did not know how this would go, but we had faith and believed those in need would attend.

Day 3 In LaCruz - This was the calm before the storm.  We spent the day preparing for the EPIC FEEDING NIGHT that would take place this evening.  We did not know how many people would attend, but we planned on a couple hundred.  We prepared the food and the church to host the meal.  The goal was to feed people both physically and spiritually and God was about to show up in a VERY BIG WAY.


Let The Feeding Begin!!! - The dinner was scheduled to start at 7pm but we had to open the church doors about 6pm because the line was already growing.  By 7pm, it was a packed house.  We lost count somewhere around 300 people.  In reality, there were probably somewhere between 400-500 people who came for the free food.  

We met back up with many of the children from the school.  Lots of the families we delivered food to and hundreds more we had not met.  Apparently, the word was out in LaCruz and the town showed up in force!

For a while we were concerned about having enough food.  But...once again God stepped in a multiplied the food so that everyone could have a second helping and many even enjoyed a third helping.  There were no more empty stomachs that night.  God is so good!

While everyone was eating we took the time to share some testimonies from the stage.  Testimonies on how God had changed our hearts.  How He filled us with love and how much He loved all of them.  We concluded the night by sharing the Gospel and more than 30 people asked Jesus Christ to become their Lord and Savior that night.  The special presence of God was unmistakable and at times it felt like the roof was going to blow off.  

It was a night none of us will ever forget.  Truly, an EPIC FEEDING NIGHT!

Time To Go Home - The time went by so fast.  There were so many powerful moments.  So many tears, so many laughs, so many new friendships.  We met hundreds of residents.  We prayed for them.  They prayed for us.  Our goal was to somehow be a blessing to LaCruz but LaCruz blessed us and we can't wait to return in November, 2016.

The Mission Continues - While we cant be in LaCruz, Costa Rica every day, our church partner is.  Pastor Gerardo, his family and their staff have an enormous heart for feeding the hungry and loving on people in need.  Their hearts are truly special and that is why we partnered with them after meeting them in October, 2016.  

As a business, we will donate 20% of our profit to continue the feeding mission all throughout the year.  We have full faith and trust in our brothers and sisters in Costa Rica as we know they are feeding stomachs and souls.  We are in constant contact with them and we love them dearly.  

Thank you once again so very much for your support.  This mission simply would not be possible without your support.  Together, we can do amazing things and I am so humbled, thankful, blessed and honored to be on this mission with our staff and our customers.

Please remember, None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something and together we can do amazing things!!

God bless you and thank you,

Love, The Lowrie Family & Share The Love Today

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