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Share The Love Today - A Business On A Mission!

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Share The Love Today is a small, family owned business, that is on a mission to help feed hungry children!

They just announced the launching of their brand new, yoga mat flip flops. These flips flops have been really well designed, are very high quality and are the most comfortable flip flops you will find anywhere in the world!

"When we started Share The Love Today our vision was simple" Lowrie said. "Our goal was to create the world's most comfortable flip flops and then to use proceeds from the business to help feed hungry children."

The concept for Share The Love Today was created one evening as the family sat around the living room, discussing a recent mission trip to Costa Rica. "On our discovery trip to Costa Rica, we saw many, many hungry children. All of the pastors we met with told us that people need jobs and the children are hungry. It broke our hearts to see and hear this!"

"When we left on the mission trip to Costa Rica we had just started protoyping our new flip flop design. We knew our goal was to create the most comfortable flip flops in the world. What we did not know was that God was going to use us and this business that we humbly manage to help feed His hungry children in Costa Rica."

"As we discussed the trip it was like a light bulb went off. We quickly decided that we would use proceeds from each sale to help support one of the churches we met with in Costa Rica. The pastor of this church already runs a food program to feed local children as often as they can. The trouble is they do not have enough financial resources to feed often. When they do announce a community feeding day, they receive over 250 children. Now, through Share The Love Today, we can send the financial resources so they can feed children every single day." Lowrie said.

"It is an honor and a privilege to play a small role, in one location, in Costa Rica, but our goal does not stop there! God willing, we will soon surpass the resources they can use on a daily basis and we can begin to sponsor a second location. We will not put any boundaries or limits on where this can go. We will simply show up each and every day, do our very best and trust God with the results. So far, its been simply amazing and we look forward to serving others and loving them through this business!"

Share The Love Today needs your help! We are a small, family owned business and we NEED our customers and supporters to share this message of this mission with others. We don't have a large

marketing budget like the big companies. We do however, have a large heart to help others and we thank our customers and supporters for all of the social sharing they do to help promote our mission, vision and awesome flip flops!

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